FMfI2022 Registration

!! We are very sorry !! To those who have registered by "the end of October". We may not have asked your e-mail address, so please register again !

Go to FMfI2022 Registration Page !! ---Registration is free for APCMfI members---

To be APCMfI Member

APCMfI Membership benefits:

・APCMfI electronic newsletter about events, conferences and activities;

・No registration fee for APCMfI members at the Forums Mathematics-for-Industry (FMfI);

・Reduced fees for selected conferences and workshops;

・Voting at society elections;

・Favorable discount for "Mathematics for Industry Series (Springer)" ;

・Free use of APCMfI banner and link to APCMfI official website;

・APCMfI student poster awards and funded internship exchanges.

APCMfI members application form is here: [Link]