The IMI Colloquium Report in April 10, 2024

April 19, 2024

Title: Activities for mathematicians to make use of mathematics in industry
        〜What mathematics is expected in industry? 〜

Speaker: Tetsuji Taniguchi (Hiroshima Institute of Technology, Math. Research Institute Calc for Industry)

Place: IMI Auditorium(W1-D-413) and Live streaming with zoom

Attendance: 61 (Students: 24; Staffs: 33; Other: 4)

Colloquium Report:
At this colloquium, the speaker gave a lecture about the possibility, challenges, and importance of collaboration between industry and the mathematical community through the role and achievements of Math. Research Institute Calc for Industry. He mentioned that “mathematics” as conceived by industry and “mathematics” as conceived by mathematicians are not identical, and that there exist gaps in various aspects of product development, commercialization, and industrialization, moreover, he explained the importance of mutual understanding between the two fields. In addition, he introduced materials produced by Calc. The materials were very informative, with easy-to-understand explanations of the meaning and importance of mathematical formulas, charts and graphs to make them visually comprehensible, and other innovations to make them easier to understand for those who are not specialists in mathematics. This lecture was very meaningful for IMI staff and students, who are in a position to interact with people who do not specialize in mathematics, through joint research and educational activities.


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