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The IMI Colloquium in December 9, 2020


Date: 2020.12.09 16:45 - 2020.12.09 17:45
Place: MI Auditorium (W1-D-413), West Zone 1, Ito campus, Kyushu University, also will be live-streaming by Zoom

Speaker : Mr. Yuhki MIYAZAKI (General Manager of Sales Headquarters, Armonicos Co., Ltd.)

Title : A glimpse on the software development field using technology based on mathematics

Abstract :
Our company is offering softwares that solve client's complex issues. We are developing our softwares using our core competence "3D geometry processing technology" based on mathematics.
This lecture introduces the following topics based on the rich lecturer's experience as a software developer and a mathematics field graduate.
1. A glimpse on manufacturing industries and on using mathematics to answer their needs and expectations .
2. Mathematics as a research filed.
3. Its actual use : key differences and industrial research viewpoint .
4. Lecturer view on Mathematics as a foundation to an actual job.

***  Notes  ***
• This event will be delivered in IMI Auditorium (W1-D-413).
Number of seats are limited in the venue. Also, this event will be live-streaming by Zoom.
• If you have not downloaded the Zoom application yet, please download it (https://zoom.us) in advance.
• The account name should be "Full name" in case of the faculty members, and "Student ID number(Last name)" (e.g.:1SC○○○○○A(Last name) in case of students.
• Please understand the host will mute the audience's sound and camera.
• When you have a question, please use "Raise hand function" or "Chat function". Then, host will unmute.
• Login becomes possible half an hour before.

If you have any questions, please contact Kamiyama-sensei (E-mail: kamiyama(at)imi.kyushu-u.ac.jp).

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