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[FMfI2021 Vietnam] Call for Posters


[FMfI2021 Vietnam] Call for Posters

Dear colleagues,

The Forum “Math for Industry” - the FMfI is an annual event, held in various countries, with the goal to improve industrial mathematical research and stimulate two-way interaction between academia and industry.

The FMfI2021 is a hybrid conference, organized by the Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics (VIASM), Kyushu University and the Asia Pacific Consortium of Mathematics for Industry (APCMfI).

We are delighted to invite graduate students and early career researchers to present their research in the form of an online poster session. Each person can submit more than one poster.

Notification of acceptance will be sent out before November 30, 2021. The accepted posters will be posted on the Forum’s website and author(s) will be invited to present their posters.

The virtual poster session will take place on Tuesday, December 14, 2021, 2pm-4pm ICT.

Submission process: Please submit a single page poster (in PDF format) by end of Saturday, November 20, 2021,  using our online submission form:


Presentation: Each presenter has 2 minutes for presentation, and another 2 minutes for Q&A. All first authors must present.

Recognition:  There will be awards for the best presentations.

Should you have any questions, please contact fmfi2021@viasm.edu.vn

For more information on the FMfI2021, visit: https://apcmfi.org/fmfi2021/index.html

Feel free to promote to relevant networks!


Vietnam Institute for Advanced Study in Mathematics 

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