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[Important] Three Announcements from the APCMfI



Dear respected members of the Asia Pacific Consortium of Mathematics for Industry (APCMfI):

On behalf of the Council Members of the APCMfI, I would like to thank all the members for your continuous support for its activities. This time around, I wish to make the following three important announcements. Please ead these announcements carefully and consequently do take the necessary actions. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact

The APCMfI Office: apcmfi-office(at)apcmfi.org

Thank you very much for your help and cooperation on these matters.

Sincerely yours,

Zainal Abdul Aziz, President of the APCMfI
UTM-CIAM, UTM Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

1. Membership Fee for FY2023

All the members of APCMfI are kindly requested to pay the membership fee of 5,000 JPY for FY2023 (i.e. April 2023 -March 2024) via the following webpage: 

APCMfI Membership Fee Payment

Payment can be made by your credit card through PayPal. Alternatively, payment to a bank account is possible. Please refer to the above webpage for details. When you make the payment, we would appreciate, if you could also take a short time to fill up the following form. The related statistical information will strictly be used for APCMfI requirements.

APCMfI Membership Registration Form

Currently if you pay the membership fee, then you are able to participate in the forthcoming Forum "Math-for-Industry" (FMfI)2023 Fukuoka, which has been announced in a separate message, for free of charge.

2. Call for Nominations of Host Institution of Forum "Math-for-Industry" 2024

The Forum "Math-for-Industry"(FMfI) is a series of annual conferences organized by APCMfI, which started since 2008. As announced in a separate message, the fifteenth edition, FMfI2023, will be held from 29th August - 1st September at Fukuoka, Japan, and hosted by the Institute of Mathematics for Industry, Kyushu University.

This time, nomination of the host institution for the FMfI2024, which should be held in FY2024, namely April 2024 - March 2025, is cordially invited. The APCMfI will support the host institution with approximately 150,000JPY, but the host institution is required to arrange financially for the other expenses incurred. The nomination should be sent to the APCMfI office at
apcmfi-office(at)apcmfi.org by 31st July 2023, together with the following data:

Host institution
Name of the delegate
Possible venue and dates of the FMfI2024
Theme of the FMfI2024 (optional)

The APCMfI Council will invite the candidates to give a 10-minute presentation for the bid at the APCMfI Council Meeting on 28th August at Ito Campus, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan. Online presentation is also possible. Then the host institution will be decided at the same meeting by a voting process among the Council Members of APCMfI.

If you have any questions, please write to the APCMfI office.
e-mail: apcmfi-office(at)apcmfi.org

3. Council Members Renewal

The term of the current Council is FY2021-2022 which ends in March 2023, and the election of the Council Members must be carried out at the General Meeting. Therefore, the election of the Council Members should have been done at the General Meeting held in November 2022 in Melbourne, Australia, but due to some misunderstandings, this opportunity was overlooked. We apologize for this oversight. To rectify the situation and to smoothen things over reasonably, the Council would like to ask the members to grant the Council to take the following actions:

(i) to extend the current Council's term for one year until March 2024.

(ii) to have the election of the new Council Members for FY2024-2025 (i.e. April 2024 - March 2026) at the General Meeting scheduled on 28th August 2023 in Fukuoka, Japan.

If you have any opinions or suggestions, please write to Kenji Kajiwara, Secretary of the APCMfI, at kaji(at)imi.kyushu-u.ac.jp by 30th April 2023. If the above plan is agreed upon, then we shall call for the nominations for the Council Members in May.

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