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The IMI Colliquiam in October 2022

9 November 2022 seminars

Date : We16:45 - 17:45, Wednesday, 9 November 2022

Place : live-streaming with Zoom

Speaker : Makoto Tsukamoto(Fusic CO., LTD.)

Title : Mathematical modeling and system development for the next phase

Abstract :
Proper data analysis and modeling to address business requirements, as well as building robust and agile systems, are constantly being demanded and taken for granted. Out company, Fusic, we provide a wide range of services from construction to operation, including web system construction, development using AWS and other cloud infrastructures, data analysis, and model development, in order to solve our clients' problems. Here, we introduce our case studies of continuous development and proposal of mathematical models and subsequent system construction and operation.

***  Notes  ***

・ If you have not downloaded the Zoom application yet, please download it (https://zoom.us) in advance.
・ The account name should be "Full name" in case of the faculty members, and "Student ID number(Last name)" (e.g.:1SC*****A(Last name) in case of students.
・ Please understand the host will mute the audience's sound and camera.
・ When you have a question, please use "Raise hand function" or "Chat function". Then, host will unmute.
・ Login becomes possible half an hour before.

If you have any questions, please contact Tagami-sensei (E-mail: tagami(at)imi.kyushu-u.ac.jp).


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