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IMI Colloquium in June : Mathematics and Cryptographic Research in Company

Jun. 17, 2015 seminars

Date & Time : 16:45~17:45, 17 Jun. 2015 (Wed)

Speaker: Masaya YASUDA (IMI, Kyushu University)

Venue : Lecture Room L-1 (3F, IMI, Kyushu University)

Title: Mathematics and Cryptographic Research in Company


Abstract: In this talk, I introduce my cryptographic research in company, and present the connection with mathematics. Specifically, I present the two topics: - Research on security evaluation of elliptic curve cryptography - Research and development of homomorphic encryption and its applications Firstly, elliptic curve cryptography was proposed independently by Koblitz and Miller in 2015. It makes use of mathematical properties of elliptic curves. In this talk, I present the mathematical problem assuring the security of elliptic curve cryptography, and also introduce efficient methods for solving the problem and their complexity. Secondly, homomorphic encryption is encryption supporting additions and multiplications on encrypted data. This encryption can operate data while preserving the confidentiality or the privacy, and hence it has been expected to be applied to various area such as cloud computing. In this talk, I introduce lattice-based homomorphic encryption, and also give practical applications such as privacy-preserving biometrics and secure text searching.

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