Forum "Math-for-Industry" (FMfI) 2023 is the fifteenth installment of the FMfI conference series initiated by Kyushu University, and now being held under the auspices of the Asia Pacific Consortium of Mathematics for Industry (APCMfI) that explores the interface of industrial and applied mathematics to solve challenges with and for industry. FMfI promotes the cause of mathematics and its applications, bringing together mathematicians to foster collaboration and share knowledge. The first several FMfIs were held in Fukuoka, Japan. After member institutions of the APCMfI hosted six FMfIs, it will return to Fukuoka again and restart to form the upwinding spiral of Mathematics for Industry - MfI2.0.

The forum consists of a series of invited talks ranging from emerging mathematical ideas in MfI to large-scale academia-industry collaborated projects. It also aims at sharing various experiences of industrial mathematics activities such as study groups. A poster session for early career researchers on the broader theme of MfI will be an essential component.

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