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Mathematics for Industry (MfI) aims at the development of mathematics and its applications to enhance the quality of life on the planet by creating new technologies, improve industrial mathematical research and stimulate the two-way interaction between mathematics and industry.

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Dec. 18, 2015
APCMFI has been taken up in the article on the "Science",
Check from the link below.

"Pacific Rim mathematicianscoaxed from their ivory towers" by Dennis Normile
Science (6 November 2015 • Vol 350 Issue 6261)

May 11, 2016 news
[Report] The IMI Colloquium Report in May, 2016
Wednesday, 13 July 2016 seminars
The IMI Colloquium in July
November 21 - November 23, 2016 conf
Forum Mathematics-for-Industry 2016 (FMfI2016)

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