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Apr.15, 2015 seminars
IMI Colloquium in April : Practical situations of applying mathematics in a manufacturing setting - On optics and software programing -
Feb.26, 2015 seminars
Joint Kyushu-Sydney AGR seminar
Apr.6 - Apr.10, 2015 study
Mathematics in Industry Study Group Malaysia 2015 (MISG2015) at UTM
Mar.30 - Apr.2, 2015 study
Malaysia Mathematical Modeling Camp2015(MMMC2015) at UTM
Aug.9 - Aug.14, 2015 conf
Minisymposium"Industrial Mathematics Around the World" will be held at ICIAM2015
Jun. 29, 2015 - Jul. 3, 2015 study
MINZ(Mathematics-in-Industry for New Zealand) Study Group
Mar. 12, 2015 - Mar. 13, 2015 news
Kick-off Meeting of IMI Australia Branch
Jan.27, 2015 - Jan.31, 2015 conf
MISG 2015
Dec.19, 2014 news
La Trobe University and Kyushu University agreed on establishing the IMI Australian Branch
Dec.08, 2014 news
Introduction of IMI is published in Asia Pacific Mathematics Newsletter (APMN)
Dec.16-Dec.19 conf
IMI Workshop--Collaboration between theory and practice in inverse problems
Dec.11-Dec.12 conf
IMI Workshop--Research of Boundary Modeling (2nd)
Nov.10,2014 news
APCMfI was officially announced its launch on Oct.29(Wed)
Nov.10,2014 news
Schedule of future Forum Math-for-Industry
12-14 November 2014 conf
IMI Workshop--Mathematical Progress in Expressive Image Synthesis (MEIS2014) - Interaction with Industries –
27-31 October 2014 conf
IMI Conference--Forum “Math-for-Industry” 2014 - Applications + Practical Conceptualization + Mathematics = fruitful Innovation-
23-24 October 2014 conf
IMI Workshop—Workshop “Mathematics and Physics of Interacting Quantum Systems (MPIQS)”
14 October 2014 conf
IMI Workshop—IMI Workshop on Optimization in the Real World
8-10 October 2014 conf
IMI Workshop--Construction of a next-generation hemodialysis and its mathematical models Fukuoka, Japan
4-5 October 2014 conf
IMI Workshop--Mathematics and Implementation of Computer Graphics Techniques (Final report and demonstration)

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